Neale Douglas Morison

Neale Douglas Morison

Curriculum Vitae 2016


Neale Morison is a writer of words and code.

His recent roles have combined technical writing and development with analysis, design, project management and general management tasks. His experience includes decades in software development, IT writing, technical writing and journalism, and Internet development. Hardware experience includes electronics research and development environments and Web server, network and PC administration and support.

As a communicator, in the role of editor, journalist or web content developer, Neale is able to deliver in a large range of styles to meet the specific needs of his audience. His output includes technical books, manuals, news, features, reviews, and public relations. In 2008 Nature Journal published two of his stories. In May 2012 Neale delivered a paper at the Society for Technical Communication Summit in Chicago.

As a developer Neale has a command of many languages and systems. His experience includes design, debugging and documentation of hardware and software. He seeks challenging roles that draw on his communication, development and management skills.

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Recent Roles

  • Documentation and Applications Expert, Zentri
  • Documentation Manager, ASKAP Project, CSIRO
  • Technical Writer - G2 Microsystems
  • Senior Programmer - Analytical Models
  • Manager - VaST Systems Technology
  • Technical Writer, Solutions Developer - VaST Systems Technology, Cisco WNBU Sydney, Bullant
  • Technical Writer - Cisco APIDC
  • Internet Developer - Techne-ventures
  • Project manager, online development - Intermedia
  • Online content manager - Fujitsu Australia, IDG Communications
  • Web producer - Fujitsu Australia, IDG Communications
  • Online content developer - Fujitsu Australia, IDG Communications
  • Online software developer - Intermedia, Fujitsu Australia, IDG Communications
  • Editor - PC World, Computer Magazine Group
  • Journalist - PC World